Making America great, again!


     Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America by David Horowitz, Humanix Books,      US $26.99, Pp 208, January 2017, ISBN 978-1630060879

President Donald Trust is not a typical Republican leader. Although he was elected as a Republican candidate, not all Republican lawmakers support him and/or his policies. President Trump won because the American people were looking beyond the Democratic and Republican Party for leadership. They looked for a third force to take America out of the current economic, political and other problems and make it great again, to use the expression President Trump repeatedly used during the election campaign. In Big Agenda, David Horowitz argues that conservatives were justifiably worried before the election that America’s decline was reaching a point of no return. With conservatives in control of the three branches of government, a ground work was laid to restore the country to prosperity and health.

Horowitz says that can the defenders of American values hope to prevail only by understanding the ideology of progressives and their true agenda, only by understanding that they view the acquisition of power as a self-justifying goal regardless of the means used to acquire it. He argues that the Obamacare lies were not incidental; they were instrumental. They were required because the real plan for Obamacare violated several core American Principles that could only be overcome by stealth. America’s constitutional framework is based on individual rights and individual freedoms. Until the passage of Obamacare, the right of Americans to choose their doctors was part of the American social contract. The same was true of the right to choose one’s health care plan. Obama and the Democrats were able to subvert both these individual freedoms only because they deliberately pretended Obamacare wouldn’t do just that. The same was true of the provision that provided health benefits to illegal aliens – including taxpayer subsidies if they couldn’t afford the care.

The environment is another very contentious issue. Horowitz argues that the environment also provides the perfect pretext for progressives in Washington to expand their control over the lives of Americans, whom they obviously regard as subjects rather than citizens. And basically, the environmental movement to save the planet is a textbook case of the dream of a secular redemption that inspires the left and fuels its appetite for power. If the goal is saving the planet why allow constitutions obstacles like the separation of power or the sovereignty of the people or truth to get in the way? While poll after poll shows that climate change ranks way down on the list of Americans’ concerns, progressive elites are confident that public is wrong.

Big Agenda is a very important book to understand why people elected President Trump and what he plans to do during his presidency. David Horowitz very clearly explains President Trump’s agenda and why he wants to do. It provides very balanced analysis and perspectives on American politics. It is a must-read to understand current American politics.