How to drain political and financial swamp


The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It by Eric Bolling, St. Martin’s Press, US $26.99, Pp 240, June 2017, ISBN 978-1250150189

The builders of America’s capital drained a huge swamp before they could start building Washington DC. Another kind of swamp has gathered in the nation’s capital: the swamp of corruption, cronyism, inefficiency, and sex. In The Swamp, Eric Bolling tells how President Donald Trump can drain the new swamp. Bolling discusses a range of national political scandals and high crimes that make part of this swamp. Bolling says that the framers of the Constitution did not envision the central, federal government wielding great power over the states, let alone the details of every individual’s life. The Founding Fathers knew that mankind is susceptible to our own desires, power, money, sex, and influence, and they wanted the central government strictly limited because of it.

Shrinking government and cleaning up Washington should go hand in hand. As Reagan put it in one of his radio addresses, “I am talking about reducing waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in government – problem that for too long were permitted to grow and spread like an unchecked cancer, plundering your pocketbooks, and hindering government’s ability to provide essential public services in an efficient and timely manner.” Bolling says that the problem is for every seemingly ridiculous item in the budget, there were defenders. In the late 1970s and the 1980s, Senator William Proxmire, Democrat of Wisconsin, gave out a Golden Fleece Award to the most absurd examples of government spending he could find – things like a National Institutes of Health study of Peruvian brothels, a $4 million Postal Service push encouraging Americans to write letters, and $100,000 to the National Science Foundation to see whether sunfish were more aggressive when drinking gin or tequila. If Proxmire’s Award helped shine a light on waste, it seemed that both parties were on the verge of getting the idea and inching away from ever-ballooning government and its waste of taxpayers’ dollars. More recently, Senator Rand Paul has taken on the mantle of highlighting egregious government waste. In a recent speech, Senator Paul highlighted the National Institutes of Health spending almost $200,000 on a study to determine if Japanese quails are more or less sexually promiscuous when high on cocaine!

The Swamp is an exciting study of how nation’s capital is run and how it can be fixed. Bolling shines lights on a range of political and financial scandals that are normal by those who run our capital. Bolling powerfully argues that plugging these scandals will save billions of taxpayers’ money. This is a very well-researched book and a must-read to understand how the nation’s capital is run. This should be the political agenda of President Trump and future presidents till this new swamp is also drained.