An imperfect marriage


George and Lizzie: A Novel by Nancy Pearl, Touchstone, US $25.00, Pp 282, September 2017 ISBN 978-1501162893

George and Lizzie come from different social backgrounds. They were aware of this fact when they decided to get married ten years ago. George came from a warm and loving family, his father was an orthodontist and his mother a stay-at-home mom, while Lizzie was the only child of two famous psychologists. In the high school, Lizzie was involved in strange sexual games which continue to haunt her. Lizzie is unable to leave her past behind for some reason and wouldn’t let things happen. George and Lizzie do not have the same understanding of love and marriage. Lizzie does have a feeling for George but does not love him as warmly as he does.

Nothing much changes even after their marriage, though George remains happy. However, Lizzie remains unsatisfied with the new marital relationship. Then, suddenly, a shameful secret from Lizzie’s past surfaces and she now needs to face her fears and accept the real nature of the relationship she and George have built over a decade together. Written in beautiful prose, George and Lizzie is an intimate story of new and past loves. Nancy Pearl explores how childhood sex life can affect your marriage and how an imperfect marriage defines your life. This is an emotional story with heartbreaking and traumatic moments as well as laughing moments. George and Lizzie is an unputdownable novel.

Born and raised in Detroit, Nancy Pearl received her master’s degree in library science in 1967 from the University of Michigan and, in history from Oklahoma State University in 1977. Known as “America’s Librarian,” she hosts a monthly television show, Book Lust with Nancy Pearl. She speaks about the pleasures of reading at library conferences, to literacy organizations and community groups throughout the world and comments on books regularly on KUOW FM in Seattle, as well as KWGS in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Wisconsin Public Radio. George and Lizzie is her debut novel. She lives in Seattle with her husband.