American food is the real weapon of mass destruction


The Brain Warrior’s Way: Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose by Daniel G. Amen, Tana Amen, Berkley/Nal, US $27.00, Pp 368, November 2016, ISBN  978-1101988473

“You are in a war for your health. Nearly everywhere you go (schools, work, shopping malls, movie theatres, airports, ball parks, and so on), someone is trying to sell you food that will kill you early. The standard American diet is filled with pro-inflammatory foods that increase your risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, ADHD, depression and dementia. It is also associated with a smaller hippocampus, one of the major memory structures in the brain. In The Brain Warrior’s Way, Daniel G. Amen and Tana Amen say that the real weapons of mass destruction are foods that are highly processed, pesticide sprayed, artificially colored and sweetened, high glycemic, low-fiber, food-like substances, laden with hormones and tainted with antibiotics.

The authors say the war for your health is not just about our modern-day adulterated food. News outlets repeatedly pour toxic thoughts into our brains, making us see terror or disaster around every corner to boost their ratings. The constant frightening images, activate our brains primitive fear circuits (amygdala) that once ensured our survival but are now obsolete. The news always highlights the sensational, evil and most awful stories to keep you hooked to their channels or websites. Unless you purposefully monitor you’re your news intake, these companies succeed in raising your stress hormones, which overtime shrink the major memory centers in your brain and put excessive fat around your waist — and belly fat is particularly toxic, because it converts healthy testosterone into unhealthy, cancer-promoting forms of estrogen. Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning to see what awful things have happened in the world overnight? You might not have known that this habit is adversely affecting your health, but now you do.

The Brain Warrior’s Way is a unique and powerful program and the only one of its kind to improve the health of your brain and body. The authors say it is grounded in scientific research and designed to help you live with vitality, a clear mind and excellent health – even if you are struggling or are in pain right now – even if you have made unhealthy choices for many years. This program will help you turn your health around. Don’t you want to wake up feeling good inside and out every day? The authors tell us by following Brain Warrior’s Way, you will transform the health of not just your brain and body, but the brains and bodies of those you love and care for. The new science of epigenetics has taught us that your habits turn on and off certain genes that make illness and early death more or less likely in you, and also in your children and grandchildren. The war for the health of your brain and your body is not just about you. It is about generations of you.

The Brain Warrior’s Way is a uniquely important book for brain health. It is written by a popular psychiatrist and a health and fitness expert. It is a serious indictment of American food and a guide to eating healthy. It is a recipe for good mental health and a way to fight a host of fatal diseases like Alzheimer, depression, and obesity.  It is a book everyone should read. Reviewed by Jonathan T. Rich