Airstream has a unique shape and exquisite design


Living the Airstream Life by Karen Flett,  Harper Design,  US $35,  Pp 160, September 2017, ISBN 978-0062440822

The uniqueness of the exterior shape, the shiny silver, and the timeless design are often the first things that people notice about the Airstream, but the thing that makes them fall in love with an Airstream is the spirit in which they were created and the intention for their use. Airstream’s founder Byam was an adventurer with a desire for learning about the unknown and experiencing unseen places. Byam believed that traveling via trailer makes us “goodwill ambassadors.”

In Living the Airstream Life, Karen Flett says that those who reach out beyond their comfort zone to be in different environments, meet new people, and share each other’s stories and experiences, can take the comforts of home with them all the while in a beautifully designed Airstream trailer. Flett says that traveling in a trailer allows you to stop, take the time to understand your surroundings, respond to the environment, create your plans as you go, and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. It’s like an open door to adventure and new experiences.

The legendary Airstream trailer that we know today first took its form in the mid-1930s. The Airstream clipper was the first Airstream trailer that was made from aluminum and rivets in its now-iconic shape, influenced by aircraft design. During the World War II, Flett tells us, many trailer designers, including Byam, worked as part of the war effort to build airplanes. The skills Wally learned during this period allowed him to apply the same quality craftsmanship to his trailers. Airstream really began to find its feet in the years after the ear. The company released a variety of very popular trailers. After Wally passed away in 1962, the Airstream models became a little more uniform and very little customization was offered. Starting in the 1970s, in-depth records of trailer models were kept, and the Airstream trailer manuals were created for each model. The 2000s were a fresh start for Airstream. Flett says that, with the new CCD designs, Airstream had discovered the benefits of collaborating with outside designers and established brands.

Airstream’s popularity has become undeniable. Flett says that the number of trailers rolling off the lot in Jackson Center throughout the recent years is a testament to its iconic status. As ever, the technology is constantly being updated. For instance, Quietstream Air Conditioning offers ducted cooling with significantly reduced noise compared with the traditional RV A/C units. The beautiful interiors are personalized by their owners just like their vintage counterparts, showcasing the wonderful spirit of their residents.

Living the Airstream Life is a brilliant and great introduction to Airstream. The short historical description of Airstream will further endear you to Airstream. If you already own an Airstream, you will learn its history and much more. If you are planning to buy one, Living the Airstream Life will not only teach you its history but also how it will change your life. If you don’t own an Airstream or don’t intend to own on, it will still be delightful to read about the lives of those who own one. Living the Airstream Life is beautifully manufactured and it is a pleasure to hold it in your hands.