Adopting a value-neutral model of disability

         The Minority Body: A Theory of Disability by Elizabeth Barnes, Oxford University Press,      U.S. $45.00, Pp 224, June 2016, ISBN 9780198732587

    In modern day, disability models are tools for defining mental and bodily impairment, and ultimately provide a basis upon which the government can devise strategies to aid suffering civilians. To this day, disability is still taken to be a tragedy. The disabled are often met with skepticism as it is widely perceived that they do not reflect a real …

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    America’s Catholics without the Pope and Rome

    The Other Catholics: Remaking America’s Largest Religion by Julie Byrne, Columbia University Press, U.S. $29.95, Pp 432, May 2016, ISBN 978-0231166768

    Within primary research on independent Catholicism, there are vast amounts of untapped resources to be found  in the Vatican; in Roman, Episcopal, and Orthodox dioceses; in libraries, in independent Catholic churches, and in Catholic homes. “Other Catholics” was the label used by the United States Bureau of the Census in 1890 when independent Catholics first seemed to warrant classification. …

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    Festivals of gods

    Yokainoshima: Island of Monsters by Charles Fréger, Thames & Hudson, US $40.00, Pp 256, August 2016, ISBN 978-0500544594

    Many Japanese traditional festivals are intended to welcome and receive ‘kami’ (gods), usually a remote presence, into the community or the home at certain seasonal junctures. Rituals related to aspects of wet rice cultivation, which plays a central role in Japanese agriculture, such as the growth of rice plants and the harvesting of the rice crop, are of particular importance. Over …

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  • 32

    The making of a French culinary icon

         32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line by Eric Ripert and Veronica      Chambers, Random  House  (Penguin  Random  House),  US $28.00,  Pp 250,  May 2016,  ISBN 978-0812992984

    Celebrity chef and winner of four James Beard Awards Eric Ripert was born in the south of France and moved to the United States at the age of twenty-four. At that time, he had no idea that the United States would become his home. Eric Ripert is the co-owner and chef …

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  • JEWS

    Betrayed by acquaintances, neighbors, and by fellow Jews

       Who Betrayed the Jews?: The Realities of Nazi Persecution in the Holocaust by Agnes   Grunwald-Spier MBE, The History Press, US $55.95, Pp 640, March 2016, ISBN 978-0750953641

    In his novel, Giuseppe Pederiali describes the real events in the Rome Ghetto during the Holocaust. It was the oldest Jewish community in Italy and it suffered the most with the round-up of 1,000 Jews on October 16, 1943 by the SS, and on March 24, 1944 with the massacre of Fosse Ardeatine. …

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    A controversial but important explanation of the origin of life

    Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed  by Douglas Axe, HarperOne (HarperCollins Publishers), US $25.99, Pp 304, July 2016, ISBN 978-0062349583

    One of the oldest but still unresolved questions on human mind has been the origin of life and the universe. This question made the foundation of every known religion. Every religion answered this question by claiming the existence of a creator. Darwin countered religion by providing a new scientific theory known as evolution through natural selection. …

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    Single and independent women are more successful

    All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister, Simon & Schuster, US $27.00, Pp 352, March 2016, ISBN 978-1476716565

    In 1563, England’s House of Lords petitioned its Queen: “That it please your Majesty to dispose yourself to marry, where you will, with whom you will, and as shortly as you will.” The Monarch was Elizabeth Tudor, England’s ‘Virgin Queen,’ who ruled from 1558 to 1603 and refused, to her death, to marry. …

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  • Cook

    Putting your kids in the kitchen

    The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids: 60 Easy Plant-Based Recipes Kids Can Make to Stay Healthy and Save the Earth by Ruby Roth, Andrews McMeel Publishing, US $19.99, Pp 128, April 2016, ISBN 978-1449471873

    There was a time when young girls helped their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. Some of them grew up and wrote cookbooks to share those family recipes with their readers. This tradition is fast dying as the old social structures evolve into modern ones, especially …

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  • GET IT!

    Getting healthy and sexy

    Get It!: A Beauty, Style, and Wellness Guide to Getting Your “It” Together by Jacqueline Laurita and Jené Luciani, BenBella Books, US $19.95, Pp 200, May 2016, ISBN 978-1940363844

    In Get It!, longtime Bravo-TV ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ cast member and twenty-year cosmetology veteran Jacqueline Laurita teams up with nationally renowned beauty and style expert and The Bra Book author Jené Luciani to share their knowledge on how to achieve highest levels of performance in life. They also …

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    Teaching your children empathy to make them happy

    UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World by Dr. Michele Borba, Touchstone (Simon & Schuster), US $25.00, Pp 288, June 2016, ISBN 978-1501110030

    When you are a parent, you constantly think of what your children need in order to be happy and successful. Some parents experience sleepless nights over this question. Dr. Michele Borba has a simple one-word answer to this mind-boggling question: empathy. She writes, “The trait that allows us to feel with others has the reputation …

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